Bicycle Buds aims to create a community of bicycle lovers that get out and explore the great outdoors in the spirit of adventure!
Bicycle Buds is curated by Tom Ramwell, owner of The Gallery Café Bar, he is a qualified mountain bike guide and trained mountain leader. Back in the 80s, Tom raced BMX and was a downhill mountain bike enthusiast for many years. He now enjoys discovering wild places on his touring bike and still shreds a few trails, sometimes at night.
Why Bicycles?
There's so many ways bikes improve the world within us and around us. Here's a few of them.
  • Encourages Self-Reliance
    I've heard so many stories about people being empowered by traveling alone and met some inspirational women and men who have journeyed to the far flung corners of the world. Listen to some of them on my podcast.
  • Unique Experiences
    Whether in a group or by yourself, each journey is an opportunity to witness something new. An overnighter, longer tour or just a trip to the shops, having a bicycle is like having a passport and you get to experience life unfiltered.
  • Great Support Networks
    From the Warmshower Foundation to Komoot, Bikemap, Welcome to my Garden, All Trails to all the local bike shops and random people you meet on the road, having and riding a bicycle is a great thing to do, you'll meet loads of new friends!
  • Freedom & Saves Money
    Every time you ride a bike, that's one less car journey. Cars cost money - period. Bicycles can get you to places quicker than you might think and, not to mention it's less damaging to the planet!
  • Build New Skills
    Learn all about what you'll need to go bicycle touring and how to fix a puncture or change a tyre, you'll be surprised at how easy it can be to pick it up and it's empowering to discover new skills.
  • Improve Mental & Physical Health
    There's heaps of well-documented positive benefits for the body, mind and spirit that bicycle riding can bring you. From the physical fitness to simply getting out in nature, it makes total sense!
We're here to add our special sparkle in the universe!
From his first green racer to home made bikes-from-other-bikes, Tom has always enjoyed the two-wheeled life. Aged 16, he toured around Scotland on his racer, conquering the hilly highlands and staying in Youth Hostels along the way. It was an experience that would help shape his lifelong love for the bicycle and ultimately help give him respite and guidance when times were tough, acting as a portal to a healthier life, waiting to be taken.

As his own life rotations around the sun reflect those of his wheels, he continues to meet truly inspirational people from all over the globe, either on his travels, their travels or both. Tom wants to share the joys experienced from a 20min blast into town or from a two year odyssey around the globe, like his friend's pic here of another epic sunset, I think it was Turkey, or Greece, or...so join Bicycle Buds and let's see where this path leads us.


Bicycle Buds aims to empower cyclists, raise awareness about the benefits of cycling, and drive positive change, fostering community engagement, and advocating for a safer and more accessible cycling infrastructure in Westport (and beyond).

Bicycle Buds recognises the need for a platform where cyclists can come together, share ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that will benefit the entire community. With the increasing popularity of cycling as a means of transportation, health reclamation and recreation, Bicycle Buds seeks to harness this momentum and create positive change.

Support Claire's adventures here.

The lady featured here is an awesome human. I met her on her tour through Ireland and she gave me a Mind Over Miles jersey, I'm now committed to Foot Bike the from John O'Groats to Lands End, wearing her jersey!


Help mobilize communities with life-changing bicycles

The sky's the limit. Supporters around the world are riding, running...selling lemonade and helping to raise funds to empower people in need. Join them or donate to the Bicycle Buds fundraiser by clicking the link below. I was inspired to join them through a young woman called Florence who is doing amazing work to empower women and girls.

My Fundraising Page
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