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Hi Buds, this is where I will be sharing info about bicycle touring, adventures and kit etc, and put links up to a range of awesome sites that already specialise in this kind of thing.

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The humble bicycle is more than just a mode of transport; it's a potential catalyst for positive change in our communities. From bustling cities to quiet towns, embracing cycling can bring a cascade of benefits. Streets less choked with cars, replaced by the sound of bicycles, leading to cleaner air and reduced noise pollution, more trees and plants and life. This shift not only improves public health but fosters a more vibrant public space, encouraging interactions and creating a sense of belonging.

Cycling empowers individuals, offering accessible transportation and promoting physical activity, leading to healthier and happier communities. Additionally, bike-friendly infrastructure encourages local businesses, creating more vibrant streets and fostering economic growth. By choosing two wheels over four, we can weave a web of positive change, building stronger, healthier, and more connected communities, one pedal stroke at a time.

Community Cycle Safety Survey
Please take part in our community cycle safety survey. We are aiming to help make Westport a safer place to cycle and this feedback really helps us get an idea of what is needed from the user perspective.